Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange

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Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange
39 min2017 MAR 3
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Allen Wilson is the CEO of Jericho Oil Corp whose objective is to drive long-term shareholder value through the growth of oil and gas production, cash flow and reserves. Allen has been a successful investor, fundraiser and business development strategist for the past 20 years, working with emerging micro-cap companies across multiple industries.

In this episode, Allen talks about why it’s important to deliver good value to shareholders, have a massive amount of land, and produce 1,000+ barrels of oil per day. He also discusses the effects Trump and Scott Pruitt has in the oil industry. Listen to the end for tips on what to look for when making small cap investments.


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Time Stamps:

02:40 - Tom Brady & playing golf

05:20 - First City Trust Company

07:00 - Technology to gas

10:20 - Family office system

11:30 - Investors fee

12:10 - DuPont

14:00 - Jericho barrel production

16:02 - 1,000 barrels a day

17:40 - Favorable reserved based loan

18:00 - 75,000+ acres of land

20:00 - Oklahoma oil & gas players

21:00 - Delivering shareholders good value

24:00 - Importance of economics

25:30 - Buying low & real estate crisis

28:20 - Trump, Scott Pruitt & the oil market

31:00 - Jericho’s cost per barrel

35:30 - Trading JROOF in the U.S

36:36 - Investing in small caps


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