Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange

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Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange
32 min2017 MAR 3
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Andre Itwaru is the CEO of First Global Data Limted which is a FinTech company specializing in mobile and cross-border payments. He has 20 years of experience in the financial services, technology and telecommunications industries including successful tenures at Sprint Canada, AT&T Canada Corp. and AT&T Solutions.

In this episode, Andre talks about the rapid success of his grossly underrated corporation and their exciting plans for expansion. He also shares information around the first mobile interoperable wallet, their global licensing strategy and expected quarterly earnings. Listen to the end for insight with their analytic and data mining technology for the future.


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Time Stamps:

01:10 - China’s fin tech space

02:50 - Andre's Telecom background

05:00 - Fintech sector size compared to oil and gas

05:44 - Cryptocurrency emerging markets

06:20 - M-Pesa Kenya

07:10 - China’s largest payment processors

10:30 - First mobile interoperable wallet

11:50 - Global licensing & India’s deployment

13:30 - How FDG makes money

17:50 - Consistent quarterly earnings

20:00 - Average revenue per user data

22:40 - Expanding in China

25:47 - Analytic technology in development

29:00 - What to expect in 2017


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