Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange

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Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange
39 min2017 MAR 28
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Andrew Skafel is the CEO of Edgewater Wireless which is revolutionizing WiFi infrastructure with their patented WiFi3 technology and next generation access points. Andrew’s broad strategic perspective comes from his work with both multinational equipment vendors and a number of start-up network operators.

In this episode, Andrew discusses the features and benefits of the world's first 6 band wifi router. He will also talk about engineering challenges, the non-core patent with Apple, Fortune 500 product testing, and software vs. hardware developments. Listen to the end for insight on their international expansion strategy.









002: Allen Wilson – CEO Jericho Oil Corp


Time Stamps:

02:11 - Andrew’s background

03:58 - Israel & tech Arina 25

06:00 - Density Non-core patent Apple deal

07:45 - Patent portfolio

08:43 - CableLabs Affiliate

12:40 - Wifi3 technology benefits

16:00 - Fortune 500 product testing

18:07 - Mobile World Conference

23:00 - What is 6 band?

24:30 - Engineering challenges

25:00 - Software and hardware developments

29:00 - Channel partner in India

30:55 - International expansion

34:00 - Block transaction

37:00 - Future travel plans


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