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Retirement Reality Podcast

Mike Kojonen

Retirement Reality Podcast
22 MINMAY 28
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Sometimes events happen in life that make it really important for you to carefully assess your financial situation. Let’s explain why these five major events are usually a good reason for a financial review.  Read more and get additional financial resources here: https://principalpreservationservices.com/ep-36-5-life-events-that-spark-major-financial-changes/  Today's show schedule: 1:12 – Mike is busy with spring projects and getting life back to normal.2:44 – Financial Dictionary: What is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?6:21 – Mike isn’t a fan of these mortgages and this is why. 8:33 – Let’s get into the main discussion.8:55 – Life event: Moving to a new job (planned)10:21 – Life event: Changing jobs (unplanned)12:08 – Life event: An inheritance14:02 – Life event: A serious medical issue16:07 – Life event: Death of a spouse