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Reform This!

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Reform This!
41 min2020 SEP 9
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Join Dr. Jasser this week as he shares why, as a primary care physician and medical ethicist he feels that some physicians essentially "jumped the shark" on patients' rights as they took the side of various government entities using executive orders to force new and broad viral mitigation measures upon the American populace. Why should physicians keep an inviolable firewall between them and the societal proclivity to impose their medically indicated opinions for "public health recommendations"? What is the impact upon the doctor patient relationship of your doctor not only making public health recommendations and opinions but backing executive orders that with neither debate nor due process mandate everything from mass shutdowns of patient livelihoods with lockdowns, to any public assembly prohibitions, and all the way to facemasks upon the whole of society? Now as lockdowns are being revealed to be major self-inflicted wounds, the deeper story is what physicians who supported coercion or even remained conveniently neutral lost in the process with their patients. 
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