YUTORAH: R' Moshe D. Tendler -- Recent Shiurim

Tendler, Rabbi Moshe D.

YUTORAH: R' Moshe D. Tendler -- Recent Shiurim
54 min2018 DEC 20
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Epigenetics: The Intrinsic Mother-Child Bond - Dec 16, 2018 - The scientific innovation that will be discussed at this year’s conference is centered around solving infertility issues, yet the nature of pregnancy stems beyond the reproductive process. The field of epigenetics seeks to address crucial environmental
factors that alter gene expression and contribute to a child’s development and health. In this session, YU Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Moshe Tendler, PhD, and John Loike, PhD, will discuss how a mother’s influence extends beyond her ability to conceive and carry her child, even affecting generations to come. If so,
what are the halakhic and moral obligations of the mother to create the most healthy environment for her baby during pregnancy?