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Arguments With My Teenage Daughter

Perfect Cube Media

Arguments With My Teenage Daughter
31 MIN2018 OCT 8
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In this episode, Luke and Selah are joined by friends and tattoo artists Leah and Mackenzie of Charon Arts! We talk about favorite tattoos, what it's like becoming a tattoo artist, and a whole bunch of other great stuff. Also, Luke's brother is here and brings a pet mouse they rescued. It's cute. The episode is cute. We're all cute.

If you live in New England and are interested in getting a tattoo, definitely check out Charon Arts! They're great people and do incredible work. Find them here: https://www.charonart.com/

And don't forget - SELAH'S SHOUTOUTS! Selah will say anything you want on the podcast! Send us a facebook message via our facebook page for more details.