Become a Fearless Father

Klaas van Oosterhout

Become a Fearless Father
58 MIN2019 MAR 5
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Become a fearless father presents: The recording of the interview with Larry Hagner, founder of the "Good Dad Project", author of "The Dad's Edge" and "Daddy will always love and protect you" and father of 4 boys. 

0:49 - Who is Larry Hagner? 

10:00 - When does a man decide to change his life 

16:55 - How to stop being average 

26:25 - A successful marriage means both partners are 100% committed 

37:25 - Being the #1 hero of your kids 

43:53 - Getting your kids to be more healthy 

48:35 - How to control the uncontrollable 

52:33 - How to get in touch with Larry Hagner 

Links discussed by Larry: 



http://www.gooddadproject.com/alliance https://www.facebook.com/groups/86237... 

In this live interview Klaas van Oosterhout had with Larry Hagner, we talked about his experience and expectations being a father and his life as an entrepreneur and author.

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