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Big Birth Junkie
72 min2019 FEB 20
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Danielle's journey to becoming a mother taught her things she never expected. She left her home in Miami to move to Los Angeles and found a new strength she did not know she had for the unmedicated birth of her daughter Samaya at GraceFull's Birthing Center. 

That is where she thought the lessons would end, but they kept going. Becoming a mother brought a new drive to heal herself. 


As a former Bullimic, during her challenging postpartum adjustment, her loneliness and laziness drove her back into the shadows where she found the courage to find the root cause, which has transmuted into a newfound sense of tremendous power. 

Finding ways to create discipline and motivation in her life have saved her and she found her purpose: to share that with other mothers going through postpartum struggles.



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Danielle is a Holistic life coach and Cofounder of MAMA CHILL (a mama daycation). You can sign up for a free discovery call to learn how to manifest the life of your dreams: Health. Love. Career. Money: http://eepurl.com/ghRX3j, sign up for a free manifestation workshop:

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It is Danielle's hope is that she may be a voice for that shadow in other postpartum mother's life. She wants to help others feel empowered to seek freedom from that shameless place and begin to live connected and listening to your body.


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