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Both of Us

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Both of Us
38 min2018 SEP 25
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Today, Maren will have an enlightening interview with down-to-earth, Sarah Benson. Sarah is the creator of a health and wellness platform and certified herbalist, as well as a wife and “hippie mama”! Not only will this interview open your eyes on matters of mental, physical and spiritual health, but give some practical and easy tips to get started right now on a journey to a more holistic lifestyle! We will chat about the affects of social media on mental health, the importance of slowing down and caring for ourselves, as well as some tips for forming more real connections! Sarah’s insights on marriage and her philosophies on parenting are so inspiring, and her overall laid back and earthy personality is so fun to get to know. We hope you enjoy this episode, and stay tuned to the end for some bonus content- a short interview with Sarah’s husband, Greg, who wanted to give his side of their “love story”. As always, please let us know what you think of the episode! Insta: @bothofuspodcast bothofuspodcast@gmail.com www.bothofus.net Breathe meditation appHeadspace meditation appConnect with Sarah! Insta: @wellnesswitheveEmail: saraheve.wellness@gmail.com Featured Sponsor: Bacon, Inc. Sign up for Bacon at www.bacon.work/bothofus to earn an extra $5 when you work your first job! Bacon allows you to find one-time jobs for businesses in your area! Bacon is like Uber, but helps anyone to get their side-hustle on!