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Both of Us

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Both of Us
46 min2018 DEC 12
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Episode 18: Becoming Homemaker-ish! with Kendra Hennessy, creator of Mother Like a Boss! This episode, you guys. Whoa. Whether you love to clean or completely 100% HATE. IT. This is for YOU! Husbands, wives, homemakers, one and all! Come listen to this woman talk about how to find joy in making a home, and how to speed up the process and remove the pressure from cleaning, organizing, and everything in-between. The wisdom in this episode is amazing, and you will want to be Kendra’s best friend by the end! Kendra is the founder and creator of Mother Like A Boss, a blog, podcast and platform to help you cultivate joy in maintaining your home, and becoming homemaker-ISH! Her programs are fantastic, and this interview is all of that in one! Plus we will geek out over The Office for a good 5 minutes so you really don’t want to miss this, do you?! Have a listen and reach out to let us know what you thought! You can find Kendra Hennessy at: Insta: @motherlikeabosswww.kendrahennessy.com And wherever you get your podcasts! Contact us! Insta: @bothofuspodcast Email: bothofuspodcast@gmail.comwww.bothofus.net Subscribe and review! We LOVE YOU!!