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Both of Us

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Both of Us
65 min2019 MAY 2
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You will want to listen to this entire thing! Annalece Misiego is joining us for plenty of tears and inspiration as she shares her life-altering stroke survival story, and the massive recovery she endured in the midst of early motherhood, marriage and pregnancy. She will talk about the lessons she learned in being present, finding joy, and seriously changing your core when experiencing a trial. And that’s not all! Annalece is the creator and founder of Famology- an online platform for bringing families together and exploring all kinds of family dynamics. She’ll talk about the ins and outs of her marriage to someone from a different culture and background, and how to cultivate more kindness in general.
This interview is amazing- and that’s just the half of it. So turn up your volume and get ready to be inspired!

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