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Brand New Father Podcast

Tanel Jappinen, a husband and a new dad shares the stories, struggles and w

Brand New Father Podcast
46 min2017 MAY 18
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Parijat Deshpande is the leading high-risk pregnancy expert who educates and guides women (and couples) on how to manage their stress, anxiety and overall wellness so they can have healthier pregnancies, decrease their risk of preterm birth and give their baby a healthy start to life.

I wanted to bring her on mainly because most new dads and moms alike could use some tips and tactics how to reduce stress during pregnancy and early parenthood.

Tune in!

Here’s what we’ll get into in today’s show:

  • Parijat’s personal story with high-risk pregnancy
  • What is considered a high-risk pregnancy (it’s broader spectrum than you may think)
  • How can dad support his partner throughout pregnancy
  • What kind of support soon-to-be or new mom needs
  • Stress and the effect it has on expecting mom’s health
  • Actionable things dads can do to relieve new mom’s stress


Parijat’s website: ParijatDeshpande.com
“Keep your sanity as a new dad” video course: BrandNewFather.com/sanity
Private FB group for new dads: BrandNewFather.com/Facebook