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Brand New Father Podcast

Tanel Jappinen, a husband and a new dad shares the stories, struggles and w

Brand New Father Podcast
56 min2017 JUN 8
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Today’s guest Mike McCarthy is a family man and a dad of 2, an avid student of both leadership and personal development. He’s also a serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of the GoBundance Adventure Masterminding Group, co-author of the Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, co-creator of GratefulParent.com, and the Regional Owner for the Keller Williams.

Although he’s successful in his professional ventures, one of his top priorities is spending time and traveling with his wife, their son and daughter. He also enjoys kayaking, climbing mountains and hiking..

I wanted to bring him on to share his insights on:

  • why and how not to forget about living your own life despite of being a dad
  • how to bring out the best in yourself to be the best dad and the partner
  • the importance of rituals, specifically morning rituals since the way we approach our mornings sets the tone for the rest of our day.
  • and much more!

Tune in!



- Adventure mastermind group: GoBundance.com

- GratefulParent.com

- “Keep your sanity as a new dad” video course (50% off): BrandNewFather.com/sanity

- Private FB group for new dads: BrandNewFather.com/Facebook