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Brand New Father Podcast

Tanel Jappinen, a husband and a new dad shares the stories, struggles and w

Brand New Father Podcast
63 min2017 JUN 23
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Shawn Stevenson is the host of The Model Health Show podcast, which is #1 Health podcast on iTunes and also a a bestselling author of “Sleep Smarter”

I can’t think of a better person to talk to about new parents and sleep strategies and habits!

Here's some of the topics we're getting into:

  • Importance of self-care as a parent
  • How sleep or sleeplessness affects our hormone balance and overall health
  • The myth of everyone needing 7-8 hours of sleep a night (spoiler: it’s not all about the quantity, but also the quality of sleep)
  • What are sleep cycles and the 4 stages of sleep
  • Why having a drink before hitting the hay may be counter-productive
  • Risks of chronic sleep deprivation
  • “Paying back” the sleep debt vs lifestyle strategies to avoid the sleep debt in the first place
  • Using melatonin supplements
  • Napping

- Shawn's The Model Health Show podcast: 
- Shawn's "Sleep Smarter" book

- Video course "Keep your sanity as a new dad"
- New Dad FB group