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News with the Kids

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News with the Kids
6 min2017 FEB 24
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In light of the rash of bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the country and the 170+ tombstones knocked over at a Jewish cemetery in a St. Louis suburb (which the police are not calling a hate crime), the Tween and I talk about what exactly is a hate crime. We also delve into the meaning of the word prejudice and, to lighten the mood, terrible jokes. As Daughter put it, "This will be so offensive to blondes, though."
We did talk about felonies and misdemeanors, too. For the record, there are various state and federal laws about hate crimes. That part had to be cut because of the dog's jangling collar in the background combined with the sound of family members opening and closing the fridge repeatedly in hopes that something other than spinach & cheese ravioli leftovers would magically appear on the shelves.