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Straight Talk for Wives Podcast

Kristy Marcotte

Straight Talk for Wives Podcast
15 min2016 MAR 18
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Straight Talk For Wives Podcast Episode 021 Show Notes:
This podcast is an overview of this series that will last for a few weeks. I will be going into much greater detail on each of these 4 factors throughout the series so keep coming back. Also, to get an email whenever a new episode is posted, sign up for my weekly email. You can also subscribe to my podcast on i-tunes or at the bottom of this post.
In order to build a strong marriage, you must consider these 4 factors:

1. You must be considerate of your husband’s uniqueness by knowing his personality
Is he an introvert or an extrovert? If he always wants to leave early when you’re at a social gathering, that might be an indication he is an introvert. God has designed your husband with a unique personality. If you’re wise you will know it well. This will save you much heartache! Keep coming back as I will dive much deeper into this subject over the next few weeks!
2. You must be considerate of your husband’s history by understanding “his story”
Looking back at the pieces of your husband’s past will open your eyes to see more clearly the man he is today. Some questions to ask:

* How did his parents handle conflict, communication and money
* What was his relationship like with his peers? ie. his siblings, friends, co-workers, girlfriends
* What were the major past events that has shaped his life? ie. parents divorced, childhood abuse, or  major illness

3. You must be considerate of your husband’s humanness by forgiving his mistakes
Wives, this is a must. I just don’t know how else to to say it. If you hold onto stuff and don’t forgive, you will not be able to have a strong marriage. Un-forgiveness will keep you stuck. If this is a big struggle for you; I will share more on this in a future podcast. Remember this is just an overview so we will dig deeper in the next 4-5 podcasts.
4. You must be considerate of your husband’s value by honoring him
Honor is a major factor if you want a strong marriage. We show honor for two reasons. one, because our husband is a child of God and God has placed high value on all his children. Two, because God has told us that our husband’s are the head of our home. Showing honor is something you do on a daily basis. Its greeting him when he gets home from work. Its not texting while you’re out to dinner with him. Its refusing to speak negatively about him in front of your children.
In the next podcast we will look more closely at the first factor so sign up for my weekly emails to know exactly when it goes live.
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