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The GeekDads

The GeekDads

The GeekDads
33 min2015 FEB 20
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The GeekDads podcast returns! Ken chats with new GeekDad writers Jamie and Will about all the kinds of geeks there are, as well as what brought them to GeekDad in the first place.

(Apologies for the audio - the recorder was set to the wrong mic input, so we got a bit of ambient noise.)

GeekDad.com is the parenting blog edited by Ken Denmead, Matt Blum, Jonathan Liu, Z and Chris Anderson. It is a community of like-minded geeky parents writing about our experiences raising our kids in the digital age, and about our obsessions with technology, family-friendly projects, and pop culture. The GeekDads podcast is a biweekly discussion of anything and everything that impacts us as geeks and parents.