The Juggling Act: Daily Coronavirus Check-in


The Juggling Act: Daily Coronavirus Check-in
25 MIN2017 NOV 2
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The hilarious Peter Helliar joins the poddy crew this week as he prepares to take on his toughest audience yet - kids! Pete admits that he THINKS his kids find him funny, but he's not sure whether they're just tolerating him. He also shares his love for poo and fart jokes (kids are gonna love him!). And could his next career move see him on Play School?! Please say it's so!

In other news, Mel Wilson wonders why she ever leaves the house after a family fun day out was missing the key element - FUN! Michael Adams thinks Doc Martin boots are still cool (ha!), while Cassie has discovered her daughter has a completely useless skill.
This story is a weird one: one mum claims her friend is pronouncing her new baby's name wrong.  Would you tell her or keep quiet? 

While another mum has started a fiery debate after admitting that she's buying her kid's TEN presents each for Christmas.  Our poddy crew thinks that's WAY over the top.  Do you think it's excessive or about right?

IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK CHRISTMAS: The guys have seen Bad Moms 2 and we've got the​ spoiler-free review you've been waiting for.

And you cannot miss our brand new segment: That's the best thing I've heard all week! The story one mum shares is so funny, Mel can't get through the rest of the show without snorting (so attractive).
SHOW NOTES:Your hosts are Mel Wilson, Michael Adams and Cassie Hamer and our very special thanks to Peter Helliar, Giles Hardie and Claire Haiek.
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