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2 minOCT 10
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I am gonna talk about how I changed my opinion about the quarantine for the coronavirus.
It took place in Jan. At that time, I just finished my terminal exams and got back home.
Being stressed out for the exams, I was ready to paint the town red with my friends. I needed to ventilate.
Not long before I returned home, it was reported that the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan and people all over China had to be quarantined. For that reason, all public places were shut down. Every day, only one person from one household was allowed to go grocery shopping, given that this person wore a mask and practiced social-distancing.
When I first heard it, I felt like the government was making a big deal out of it. The measures were draconian. I made a lot of complaints on the social media, calling the measures of the government one-size-fits-all and inhumane.
A couple of months later, almost all COVID-19 cases were cured, which sobered me up a little bit. But I was still skeptical. After all, even if we did not quarantine ourselves, people would still recover.
Then I had a comparison-the United States, where people did not practice quarantine for the first few months and the number of cases spiked to over 7 million.
At that point, I realized that the seemingly draconian measures were justified. It was the sacrifice we must make to combat the virus.