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A Way with Words: language, linguistics, and callers from all over

A Way with Words

A Way with Words: language, linguistics, and callers from all over
51 minAUG 31
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How does social context shape our perception of language? When hiking the Appalachian Trail, a young woman from Wyoming found that fellow hikers assumed she was from another country, not only because of how she spoke, but also how she looked. Sometimes our perception of other people's accents have more to do with social context than with any real dialect features. And: did you ever wonder if there was a punctuation mark to indicate sarcasm? You're not alone! There are lots of creative solutions. Finally, there's a term in music to describe someone who is a professional whistler. That word is "puccalo." Stay tuned for a tune as a puccalo shows off her craft. Plus play it by ear vs. play it by year, trash vs. garbage, carriwitchet, langiappe, puccalo, sartalics, and a confounding brain teaser about compound synonyms.

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