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Hey! que tal? - Free spanish lessons

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Hey! que tal? - Free spanish lessons
4 min2010 APR 20
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Hola, y bienvenidos a Hey Que tal? Lecciones de español gratuitas. Mi nombre es Pablo Apiolazza y el episodio de hoy va a ser colorido ya que vamos a aprender los colores! Hi and welcome to Hey Que tal? Free spanish lessons. My name is Pablo Apiolazza and today's episode will be colorful since we're going to learn the colors! On the last episode we were getting our bearings straight. So since we're going to watch a lot of trafic lights we can learn it's colors: Red is ROJO Yellow is AMARILLO Green is VERDE The sky is blue. El cielo es AZUL The wood is brown La madera es MARRÓN The old movies are black and white. Las películas viejas son BLANCO y NEGRO. The oranges are orange. Las naranjas son NARANJA. I can't think of anything that's violet, except violets No puedo pensar en nada que sea VIOLETA, excepto las violetas. Ok, this is a rather short episode, but with very important things to learn, so I'd like to keep it short because of that. Regarding Argentina, since we have the four weathers and the country is so big, we can find in our nature all the possible and most amazing colors. As a matter of fact, we hace some hills called "the seven color hill", or Cerro de Siete Colores, since they have all sorts of shades on its slopes. In Buenos Aires, the most colorful neighbourhoody is La Boca, and mostly Caminito, a strip full of colorful buildings. Ok, this is it for today, don't forget to rate, share and comment this and other lessons on the blog heyquetal.blogspot.com, or on the facebook site, or even on tweeter. If you want to know the name of any other color, leave a comment and I'll try to give the answer. Well, have a nice week, stay tuned and goodbye!