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Let's Talk Spanish


Let's Talk Spanish
21 MINJUN 24
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Practise your Spanish while learning all about famous people from Spanish-speaking countries!

Salvador Dalí is probably the best-known face of Surrealism and considered by many to be one of the greatest artists of all time. The Spaniard's work stands out among any collection of art for its eccentricity and shock factor, with his art dealing with lots of themes such as death and the subconscious.

He is also very well-known for his controversial and shocking public appearances. His signature moustache is recognised by many, especially since the release of the hit Spanish show 'La Casa de Papel'. 

In this episode, I speak in Spanish all about this great painter, including his childhood, some of the methods he used to produce some of his greatest pieces of art and some information about his more controversial side, including his affection towards Fascism!

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