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BXB's Bits and Bobs

Experience Kills

BXB's Bits and Bobs
117 min2018 OCT 21
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Hello everybody and welcome to the fifty seventh episode of BXB’s Bits and Bobs! A bi-weekly podcast where we talk about whatever we damn well please!In this weeks show Ben, Richard and Chris talk about all the latest and greatest games and go in depth with the news from the last couple of weeks!This week the gang (EIC Ben, Reviews Editor Richard and Black Country Editor Chris) talk about:First off we have to Cross the Streams,Microsoft announces game-streaming service Project xCloudPSN Name Changes Are Officially ComingSony says it’s fixed PSN messages bug crashing PS4sXbox has new avatarsStar Citizen’s Squadron 42 shows off a cinematic trailerWe Have to Push Back on the Toxic Labor of 100-Hour Work Weeks. But current staff say everything is awesome.Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Has DiedDays Gone has been delayed againGamesTM and GamesMaster UK mags are no moreUber Eats’ free COD with cod offer leaves bad taste in customers’ mouthsWWE 2K19,Battlegroup 2,Project Warlock,Overcooked 2 DLC,Space Hulk Tactics,ELEA Episode 1,HyperParasite.Forza Horizon 4,Fallout 4,Celeste,We finish with our regular test of knowledge!