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BXB's Bits and Bobs

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BXB's Bits and Bobs
144 min2018 NOV 4
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Hello everybody and welcome to the fifty eight episode of BXB’s Bits and Bobs! A bi-weekly podcast where we talk about whatever we damn well please!In this weeks show Ben, Richard and Chris talk about huge amounts of news and only a few games as everyone tries to stay away from releasing near one in particular.This week the gang (EIC Ben, Reviews Editor Richard and Black Country Editor Chris) talk about:First off we have to Cross the Streams,Red Dead Redemption 2 has dominated the news cycle but not for only good reasons,Red Dead Redemption 2 ‘thank you’ note is Rockstar’s latest step toward goodwill,Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode not launching until spring 2019,Jade Raymond leaves EA Motive Studios,Facebook reportedly cancels its “next generation” Oculus Rift 2 headset for PC,Rift and Defiance studio Trion Worlds reportedly hit by massive layoffs after buyout,Intellivision plans comeback with a new console called Amico in 2020,Microsoft says Xbox Game Pass is coming to PC,PlayStation Classic’s full list of 20 games,DICE reveals Battlefield 5’s cosmetics-only microtransactions,Games with Gold for November,There’s a limited-time Tetris Effect demo out now on PS4,It’s our first look at Henry Cavill as Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher,Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adventure Mode Trailer,Warcraft 3 Is Getting Remastered,Blizzard Announces Diablo Immortal For Phones,Project Warlock,Call of Cthulhu,The Walking Vegetables,HyperParasite,SOMA,Observer,We finish with our regular test of knowledge!We are looking for new contributors. Message us on Twitter or facebook!