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Glen And Her Podcast

Glen & Her Podcast

Glen And Her Podcast
28 minSEP 3
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I’m sad to report that Her will be missing in action this week. *sheds one tear* But I have my best friend to help with co-hosting duties this week, my real brother, Travis!! *trumpet sounds* It’s ok because girls have COOTIES. This week you hear about Glen’s humble beginnings. How he thought spraying Febreze on clothes was equivalent to washing them. How Travis and Glen made ghetto cookies out of Cocoa Puffs. How roaches were their best friends.. The good old days. JOIN the CONVO SUBSCRIBE/RATE/REVIEW on Soundcloud/ITUNES/SPOTIFY/Google Podcast/iHeartRadio twitter.com/glenandherpod instagram.com/glenandherpodcast Any inquiries: GlenandHerpodcast@gmail.com