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Jeff's BLT

RGS Productions

Jeff's BLT
64 MIN2019 DEC 21
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Support us at patreon.com/rgs_productions where $1 gets you the episodes early, ad free and access to other exclusive content. On this episode we review Night School with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, we get into a crazy discussion about poop in airplanes, we discuss the Avril Lavigne conspiracy, talk about the pursuit of happiness and Matt's Corner gets heated! Enjoy the show! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @jeffs_blt and check out our website at

Time codes

6:41 genetic drift

13:41 poop plane

16:06 neon lights

18:03 what's your beef with fake meat

18:37 you will never be rich working for someone else

20:37 Avril Lavigne conspiracy discussion

26:53 microtransactions discussion

29:10 how to improve your quality of life discussion

31:45 old cartoons discussion

34:15 Night School movie review

44:55 Matt's Corner

48:05 catdog, Disney, old tv shows and more discussion

1:02:12 closing thoughts and bloopers