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Mountain, Pass: a Magic: the Gathering podcast

Mountain, Pass

Mountain, Pass: a Magic: the Gathering podcast
61 minJAN 31
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We've all been there: trapped in an underworld, some faceless planeswalker tormenting you and taunting you about your loyalty abilities never plus-ing. It happens. We're here to talk you through it.

In this one the MP crew talks about the new world of MTG Standard thanks to the addition of Theros Beyond Death into the card pool! Is your deck from Eldraine Standard still viable? Is it *better*? What new decks are people racking up wins with?

The answer to all of these questions, and plenty more you didn't ask, is contained within. (The episode, that is, not within yourself. That wouldn't make any sense, this is why you come to us in the first place; it's certainly not for our sparkling personalities. Unless it is, in which case: thanks!)

Also on tap is a fun left-field deck wherein you can stomp on your opponents with a Paradise Druid, and an introduction to a counseling service specifically for Magic: the Gathering players.

Decklist: https://scryfall.com/@gabrielisaac/decks/3d59a8f8-01e7-4837-9720-19cb8edd376f


Intro music: Day Trips by Ketsa

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