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Mountain, Pass: a Magic: the Gathering podcast

Mountain, Pass

Mountain, Pass: a Magic: the Gathering podcast
56 minMAR 20
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Will the latest bans shake up the MTG World we know? Has Standard settled into a reasonable state where we can avoid removing overpowered cards for, like, a couple weeks? Is Pioneer set to invert expectations? Answers to these questions, and much more you’d never ask, can be found within.

Listen to this episode to get a special sneak peak of the NEXT Un- set to follow up Unsanctioned, take a visit to the Azorius Pie Emporium, and learn some dubious strategies for defeating your opponents by making your mind a total blank.

Left-Field Decklists from this week:

Simic Emry: https://scryfall.com/@amico/decks/28090ac6-ab02-45c0-abc2-9b89a6e00338
Mono-Blue Flash: https://scryfall.com/@gabrielisaac/decks/19e4e783-5fc3-4572-a40e-78d79600b2f8

With apologies to John Cleese and Graham Chapman.


Intro music: Day Trips by Ketsa

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Brandon: twitter.com/amico

Charla: twitter.com/CharlaSchlueter

Gabe: Via Telex