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Mountain, Pass: a Magic: the Gathering podcast

Mountain, Pass

Mountain, Pass: a Magic: the Gathering podcast
48 min2019 DEC 20
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[A note about this episode’s audio: No need to adjust your headphones, you’re hearing everything right. There was an unfortunate wobble in the base of our microphone that got out of hand at parts of this episode, but the conversation with our guest was quite excellent and we didn’t want to lose that (and miss our release window) doing a re-record. Hang in there with us, we’re looking to fix that for future episodes!]

Ho, ho, ho!

The gang is joined by a guest this week to talk about what a control player’s supposed to do when the Standard meta is filled with midrange or value-weirdness like Fires, Adventures and Cat-Food combos; what happened to the days when you could just counter, wrath, counter, and call it a match? We also have to play enchantment/artifact hate, graveyard tech, and maybe Spyglass? In the main?! We’re gonna need a minute here.

The days of Teferi, Hero of Dominaria may be over, but there’s some surprising ways control-comfortable players can take the upper hand among the Cleaves and Trails of Eldraine Standard. Have a listen to up your “land-pass” game, and we’ll also talk about some of the early Theros: Beyond Death spoilers and what that means for the enchantments currently in *your* life...er, your deck.


Intro music: Day Trips by Ketsa

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