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Mountain, Pass: a Magic: the Gathering podcast

Mountain, Pass

Mountain, Pass: a Magic: the Gathering podcast
60 minJAN 4
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2019 is banned. Join Brandon, Charla, and Gabe to find out what the MP team wants to get out of the next twelve months of Magic: the Gathering—sure, what we WANT to happen and what we think WILL happen might be different, but we can dream, after all. Will we get something spicy for Standard in Theros, Ikoria, or Zendikar? What will the next Secret Lairs look like? Will the next Core Set have seventeen Teferi cards? Is 2020 the year we will finally see clearly (the pun needed to happen, sorry) and stop missing our triggers, or in Charla’s case, RTFC?

Come for the 2020 foresight, stay for a discussion of multicolored mana bases, five-color Standard decks that can hold their own, and the sexiest ad spot ever recorded on an MTG podcast (at least we’d assume so—if there’s a sexier one, we’re a little scared to hear it).


Intro music: Day Trips by Ketsa

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Brandon: twitter.com/amico

Charla: twitter.com/CharlaSchlueter

Gabe: Wish upon a star