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School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman

Annie Grossman

School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman
53 minOCT 13
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Join Annie Grossman for a live Q and A most Thursdays.

Sign up at http://schoolforthedogs.com/qanda

Have a question? Visit AnnieGrossman.com/ask or upload a recording at anchor.fm/dogs.

Here, Annie takes the following questions: 

  • How can you train a dog to not freak out if strange dogs, off leash, appear out of no where? 

  • What work-to-eat toys can you use with wet or fresh food? 

  • Can you train a dog to stay away from the litter box and the cat food? 

  • A dog likes playing fetch but doesn't like going on walks. Is fetch going to be enough exercise for him? 

  • A new rescue dog barks all night at nothing in particular. Why? And how can you get him to stop barking? 

  • How can you get a dog to pee on a curb instead of on trees? 


Partial Transcript:



Hey everyone. This is a  bonus Q and A episode. I try and answer questions live every Thursday.  You can sign up to come to my free live Q and A at schoolforthedogs.com/qanda.  And you will see the next one I’m doing. I then am trying to take  recordings of those Q and A’s and post them here to the podcast feed. If  you have a question, you can email me directly at annie@school for the  dogs. You can also go to anchor.fm/dogs and record your question there. Thanks for being here.

You know, I was just thinking about how, when, when I used to work at an  office, which was not for very long, but in my early twenties, it was  so wonderful to have like an IT person, like just someone there, like  when something doesn’t work, you can be like, excuse me. I remember this  one great IT guy’s name was Ramon would just be like, Ramon, my mouse  won’t click won’t make the right clicky sound, or whatever, like  whatever little thing, and Ramon would be there and he would fix it or  he’d like, go to get me like another computer or whatever. Like, don’t  you like, I mean, I haven’t had that for a long time because I’ve been, I was just thinking that I bet right now in the, in the moment of COVID everybody working from home, that a lot of people are missing their…  people are missing their IT people. That’s the moment of greatest  appreciation for IT people.

I say that because every time I have to do anything, I feel like I need a friking IT person. It’s like, it’s see right now, I’m trying to like  record on in Audacity, which is what I record the podcast in while  recording on whatever else, this thing is that I’m recording in. And,  and it’s like, doesn’t want me to do it. Like it’s….I mean, the amount  of stuff you have to figure out as an adult person is just beyond, like,  there’s just like, like life involves so much paperwork and so much  figuring things out. All right.

Hi, Annie Grossman here I am answering dog training questions. I have a  few lined up. This went well last week. So it went well. I mean, getting  some questions in the chat area here I’m doing this on Instagram live  at the same time and you…if you want to ask the question, do it through  the computer  at schoolforthedogs.com/qanda...

Full Transcript available at SchoolfortheDogs.com/Podcast