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School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman

Annie Grossman

School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman
41 minOCT 6
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Join Annie for a live Q and A most Thursdays. Sign up at http://schoolforthedogs.com/qanda. Have a question? Email Annie@schoolforthedogs.com or upload a recording at http://anchor.fm/dogs 

Here, Annie takes the following questions: 

  • A new young rescue dog seems to be nervous about some men but not others. Why?

  • A dog is barking: Do you need to say "quiet" and do you reward even if the dog is barking?

  • What do you do when a Shih Tzu won't go to the bathroom in the yard?

  • Why didn't an adolescent male become less aggressive after being neutered?

  • My dog is going crazy because the neighbor's dog is in heat!

  • This puppy will not stop biting my feet! Why!

  • How do I teach my Pomsky not to pull?

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Partial Transcript:


Hey everyone. This is a bonus Q and A episode. I try and answer questions live every Thursday. You can sign up to come to my free live Q and A at schoolforthedogs.com/qanda. And you will see the next one I'm doing. I then am trying to take recordings of those Q and A's and post them here to the podcast feed. If you have a question, you can email me directly annie@schoolforthedogs. You can also go to anchor.fm/dogs and record your question there. Thanks for being here.

Hey guys, Annie Grossman here. I am live answering dog training questions today, and we're starting with this one from Rachel.

“So my husband and I had just started listening to your podcast. When we adopted our puppy, Penny. She's a total sweetheart and very passive. When you go to get her, she just rolls over and wants belly rubs. We brought her home a few days ago and she met our neighbor and loved him. However, after a day of settling in, she began barking at him whenever we were outside or going for walks. Also on our walk, she started barking at all older men. She met another neighbor who was a younger man, and she did not bark at all. She's only six months and we are hopeful we can get her comfortable with some training, any advice or guidance with this. Thank you, Rachel.”


So great question, Rachel, and I'm glad that you're dealing with this on the sooner side because you know, so many behaviors that can develop into, you know, behaviors that are really difficult and dangerous stem from fear. And it sounds like you're noticing that Penny is a little bit fearful of your neighbor. Now, you know, it's possible that, you know, it looks like you're noticing a pattern that it's men. It's possible she had some kind of bad experience with a man in the past and that's causing this behavior.  It's possible also that she just wasn't really exposed to that many men before this who knows, but rather than worrying too much about what's causing her to be this way, I would just really focus on how you can help her feel good about whatever men are around her.

Full Transcript available at SchoolfortheDogs.com/podcast