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School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman

Annie Grossman

School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman
54 minOCT 21
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Sit in on an initial virtual private dog training session with Annie Grossman and NYC residents Aquilla and Briana and their new rescue greyhound, Heidi.  Heidi doesn't want to sit and is trying to get to Aquilla and Briana's food whenever they eat while sitting on the couch. Annie offers some practical solutions and shows them how to shape Heidi to lie on a mat. Annie also shares Norwegian writer/dog trainer Turid Rugaas' thoughts on why we shouldn't train dogs to sit at all. 

Book a private session: http://schoolforthedogs.com/services  - Get a free thirty minute private session when you purchase our Good Dog Training Course.  https://storeforthedogs.com/products/726834 - Turid Rugaas: http://en.turid-rugaas.no/sit.html

Mentioned in this episode:  The Treat n' Train: https://storeforthedogs.com/products/treat-train - SFTD training mat: https://storeforthedogs.com/products/school-for-the-dogs-training-mat 

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Partial Transcript:


This session is a recording of a private session we did with a client. You can book a private session schoolforthedogs.com. And for a limited time, if you purchase our online good dog training course available at schoolforthedogs.com/courses, you can do a complimentary 30 minute virtual private training session with a school for the dog strainer.

The  trainer in this session is me, Annie. Aquilla, Brianna and their dog  Heidi are clients of ours who live in New York city. Heidi is a rescue  dog that they just adopted.


Hi, hi, Pretty rainbow collar.

So how did Heidi come into your life, your lives?


We got Heidi almost a month ago now. I think a  month tomorrow on the 19th, we rescued her from a Greyhound rehab. The  organization’s called Greyhound Rescue and Rehab, and they take  greyhounds that are retired from the tracks, rehab them and foster care  and then adopt them out. So she was a racer for a couple of years. She’s  three years old. So far we’ve done…we started on the 21 day training.  Right. That’s where we started. She is really good with “look,” pretty  okay with “touch” still working on that in distraction areas. So like  when we go to the park depending on whether or not there’s a squirrel,  she’ll respond or if there’s a lot of stimulus, she loves people. So  people are a big distraction for her. Like, she’ll stop walking if she  sees a person, which in New York, it’s like every three feet just so she  can get pets from other people.

Full Transcript available at SchoolfortheDogs.com/Podcast