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School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman

Annie Grossman

School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman
42 minSEP 26
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Warning: This episode meanders a bit! Annie's Facebook friend made the difficult decision to rehome her rescue dog, and Annie considers what it means to decide that a different family might be a better fit for anyone you love, be it human or dog, temporarily or forever. What if all forms of parenting were truly voluntary? Is it a dog's fault if behavior problems are exacerbated by an environment that may have been chosen for him or her more or less at random? Were slaves insane if they tried to escape their masters? Annie follows a line of thinking that touches on how we could use positive reinforcement to help prevent unplanned pregnancies, and on how both fear and generalizations based on false assumptions can cause racism. She also explains BF Skinner's unusual argument in favor of teen pregnancy. 

Join Annie for a live Q and A this Thursday (10/01/2020) @ 12 pm EST! https://event.webinarjam.com/register/183/n7z7lsnw

Sign up for Annie's free Master Class at http://anniegrossman.com/masterclass

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The Cut's story about the Stauffer family and their adopted son: https://www.thecut.com/2020/06/youtuber-myka-stauffer-rehomed-her-adopted-son-huxley.html


Partial Transcript


Hello,  human animals. And hi to the dogs that may be in the room. If you are  listening, that means you are alive. And that’s, that’s a good thing  right now. So I’m glad to know that about you. I have a lot of really  cool episodes coming down the pipeline that I am excited to share with  you all. I’ve been doing interviews with the people who work at School  for the Dogs and well, last week I got, sometimes I say “we” cause like,  I think of School for the Dogs as like me and Kate, but then I know  sometimes I say “I,” and sometimes I get lost. Like, am I, am “I”? I  think, I think this podcast is “I.”

I interviewed Anna Heyward, our apprentice, one of our apprentices last week that was kind of, I guess, part of the inside School for the Dog  series.

But I have been  talking to lots of different people on our staff and I’m going to be  sharing those conversations, just talking about to them about how they  got into what, what they, how they got into training and what they’re  doing now. And so that’s been really fun.

You know, running a business through a  global pandemic, I now know is intense and I think I feel so  appreciative of our staff right now. I just feel gratitude. I think, you  know, the intensity and shared mission of, you know, trying to keep a business afloat through all of this and trying to, you know, continue  helping dogs I think has brought us all closer together. So it’s really  been lovely to get a chance to talk to some of these wonderful people.

And I am also doing a series of episodes  about some of the really cool products we have in our shop. I’ve been interviewing some of the brand owners people who have worked to develop  really interesting things that I’m psyched we get to share it with our clients.

Full Transcript available at SchoolfortheDogs.com/podcast