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Digital Nomad by Koji A Dae. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. Featuring an afterword recorded by Koji A. Dae.  #scifi


"Maybe?" He doesn't raise his voice, but he stands. He won't look at me. "What are you waiting for, Charlie? Don't you love me?"

I step close to him. "I do. But staying…"

That's when the emotions tumble in. Fear sends my heart racing. Desire dampens the space between my legs. Confusion clenches my throat. He goes blurry from the tears in my eyes.

Snip. Right there. That's a good clip. People love unexpected emotions, and who would expect that mess from a proposal? If I upload this clip, enough people will download it to send me on my way.


Koji A. Dae is an American writer currently living in Bulgaria. She spent parts of her childhood in Portland, Oregon. She has work published in Daily Science Fiction, Short Edition, and several others. When not writing she enjoys dancing the blues. Find out more at https://kojiadae.ink/

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