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10 Minutes to E-commerce Success

Grant Segall

10 Minutes to E-commerce Success
10 min2017 NOV 29
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Interview Excerpt Below:

"Damien: Okay, well, there is something we've been using more recently, with a couple of our e-commerce clients, which has been working in great, and that is running a competition. So, you can either do it when the company's established. Or we're actually using, right now, as a pre-launch strategy with a particular e-commerce client. But the way it works is that you get the client to create or offer some kind of free prize, and so, it might be you.

In our example, this one client is giving a $500 toolkit ...

Grant: Okay

Damien: And it contains, yeah, $500 worth of tools, basically. So, it's cheap for them, because they're getting it wholesale, but the retail value to the customer is fairly high. The bigger the prize, the better, so, if you can get a couple thousand dollars’ worth of prize, that's great, as well. And then, what we do is, we use some software. There's lots of software out there to create a viral contest. So, I won't name all the brands, but if you just look for viral contest software, you can find it.

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