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In this episode, Jim and Tyson continue the interview with attorney David Ward, owner and president of the David Ward Group and the Attorney Marketing Center. David will share his expertise with and and together they will go over marketing strategies that you should and shouldn’t do. Great takeaways as always!




This is the second part of a double episode! This is the first part: http://www.maximumlawyer.com/podcast/episode-70-ft-david-ward-attorney-marketing-part-1/


Hacking’s Hack: A LinkedIn Hack! When you get a request in LinkedIn (and people seem normal) accept them and ask them how can you help. See why did they connect with you through linkedin and see in there is anything of value that you can do for them.


David’s Ward Tip: Simple. The result of years of practice. Commit to 15 minutes a day for building your practice. Put it on your calendar on advance. Schedule it and be consistent.  


Tyson’s Tip: Find areas in your practice where you can educate your clients.


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