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Dave Mastovich

The No B******t Marketing Podcast
33 MIN2017 DEC 14
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In episode 211 of The No BS Marketing Show, Dave continues his interview with Sean Ellis, CEO and Founder of GrowthHackers.

After a brief recap of his background, Sean offers valuable marketing insights from his previous experience.

He tells us about how he created strategic messaging for companies like Dropbox and Eventbrite by talking to existing customers and figuring out if the product offered was a must have for them and why. He’d find out what benefits the customer was getting from the product, and build messaging that set the right expectation for future customers.

Next, Sean tells us about his business mentor, Mike Simon, the Founder of Uproar and LogMeIn. Sean tells us how Mike put the right amount of pressure on him to operate at a high level but also gave him the freedom to figure things out on his own.

We’ll hear about the time Sean was a BS’er when he was working with LogMeIn and how some interactions with the business team often led to an outburst. Over time he learned how to take a deep breath and handle the pressure in a mature way, and had some help from an app called Calm to clear his head.

Sean coined the term “Growth Hacker.” He’ll tell us what it means to him and how he came up with it over a few drinks with friends. Listen as he gives a tip to help us become better at being a growth hacker, and a tool that will help you Optimize your marketing.

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