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Life Science Marketing Society

Life Science Marketing Society

Life Science Marketing Society
15 min2018 OCT 15
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Are your sales team always hassling you for higher quality leads? Are you under pressure to turn those leads into revenue? And do you wish you had better data all the while?

Enter the missing link between lead gen and sales: Marketing Automation.

In this episode, we discuss the presentation entitled "Marketing Automation Across the Life Sciences Customer Journey" by Christine Slocumb, CEO of Clarity Quest.

Get this right, and you'll take a massive burden of prospecting, nurturing, and chasing unqualified leads away from your sales team. What's more, you'll get the credit (and the budget to match).

Listen in and learn:
- The true purpose of marketing automation
- Why sending leads straight to sales is a huge mistake
- Why you need to play the long game
- The one thing you absolutely must do before you implement marketing automation in your business