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Life Science Marketing Society

Life Science Marketing Society

Life Science Marketing Society
23 min2018 OCT 15
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Rule number one of marketing communications: have a strategy.

By having a central content hub for your company, you can build a continually appreciating asset and reap ever-increasing rewards from your communications program. All your external outreach can then link back to, feed and grow this hub.

Do you want to build something that stands the test of time, or continually fight and work and produce – just to stay in the same place?

And what are ZEISS, Leica and Andor doing that other life science companies aren't?

Johannes Amon, the architect behind ZEISS' famed marcoms success, put it this way:

"Bind existing customers, empower them to become ambassadors/evangelists/influencers for your company/technology/product, and leverage their networks to hunt down new customers."

In this episode of the Life Science Marketing Society Podcast, we discuss how to do it and where to start.