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Life Science Marketing Society

Life Science Marketing Society

Life Science Marketing Society
14 min2018 OCT 15
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The SEO game has changed. Are you staying ahead of the curve?

The path of least resistance is always the most attractive. And many businesses have made fortunes by gaming Google's algorithm.

But there's a problem…

Those same businesses get completely wiped out the moment the next big Google update comes along.

And it's harder than ever to fool Google. You shouldn't even try. What's important is to look beyond the algorithm of the day, and ask: what does Google really want?

Answer that question, and you can create an SEO strategy that delivers not just today, or the next six months – but for years and decades.

On this podcast, we'll discuss:

- What Google really wants
- Trust, Authority and Relevance: The holy trinity of SEO and how to get them
- The truth about link-building
- The importance of playing the long game
- The real dangers of "hacks" and "quick fixes"