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Life Science Marketing Society

Life Science Marketing Society

Life Science Marketing Society
26 min2018 OCT 15
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Are new innovations selling points? What if your customers don't see the benefit in them?

Do flashy brochures help sell scientific products?

What makes you a trusted resource to your customer? And what makes you just an unwelcome interruption?

Should you be upfront with your pricing?

What is the customer experience really all about?

On all these questions and more, four scientists spilled the beans in a uniquely revealing customer panel chaired by the Life Science Marketing Society. And they didn't hold back – with either their glowing praise or their damning criticism.

In this episode, we review our findings from this customer panel, entitled "Brands We Like, And Why We Like Them". We conclude that life science marketing and sales teams need to be paying far more attention to what their customers actually want. And we give you a frank and forthright insight into their world.