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The Kinetic Enterprise(tm): Built to Evolve, Presented by Deloitte

Bonnie D. Graham

The Kinetic Enterprise(tm): Built to Evolve, Presented by Deloitte
60 minMAY 22
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Bring together human experience data and operational data, and you can respond with greater impact—to address human needs and desires in the moment, and identify opportunities to improve specific processes or functional areas.
Hear Deloitte transformation specialists Steve Hibberd, Raquel Pinillios, and James Sharpe share focused insights on how ERP solutions integrated with an experience management platform can work in unison to elevate the human experience, generate efficiencies, drive growth, and support “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise capabilities. And how you can turn ERP into more than an engine for efficient operations—but as part of an end-to-end “Lead to Loyalty” solution for understanding the customer perspective and automatically using those insights to act immediately and intelligently. Learn how global leaders are using experience management solutions to achieve many goals.
Join us for The Kinetic Enterprise: Adding Enterprise Value with Experience Management.