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The Kinetic Enterprise(tm): Built to Evolve, Presented by Deloitte

Bonnie D. Graham

The Kinetic Enterprise(tm): Built to Evolve, Presented by Deloitte
60 minJUL 24
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Many organizations profess that the customer is solidly at the center of their business, yet the reality for customer experience can be quite different. Disparate systems, inconsistent processes, and a lack of data-driven insights can make it difficult to create a unified, meaningful experience for the customer.

Tune in for insights on how you can deliver a consistent experience across all customer touchpoints with an integrated Lead to Loyalty (L2L) solution—designed to make your customers feel like they are dealing with a single integrated organization.

Our panel of transformation specialists will share insights that can help you deliver more personalized human experiences by leveraging customer data and sentiments, exploring what it takes to build loyalty through excellent service, and the details for deploying a highly scalable platform that delivers on the promise of an engaging omnichannel customer experience.
Join us for Nurturing Customer Experience, from Lead to Loyalty.