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The Kinetic Enterprise(tm): Built to Evolve, Presented by Deloitte

Bonnie D. Graham

The Kinetic Enterprise(tm): Built to Evolve, Presented by Deloitte
56 minJUN 5
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A true “start from new” greenfield transformation of core systems is an unrealistic goal for many organizations. At the same time, a brownfield approach may not go far enough, leaving your business potentially a step behind your competition. But what if a third option allowed you to get the best of both worlds?
Our panel of transformation specialists will discuss how Selective Transformation plus “cloud first” principles can deliver AI-enabled analytics, smart infrastructure capabilities, and end-to-end value for today’s Kinetic Enterprise. The potential payoff? Faster, more focused transformation at a lower cost—while reducing human error and operational risk. Find out how to get started with this journey and how incentive programs can help you gain momentum early on in the process. Join us as Soumya Chakravorty and Gautam Mylavarapu at Deloitte and Dinesh Vandayar at Google Cloud explore The Kinetic Enterprise: Rapid, AI-enabled Selective Transformation—from the Core to the Cloud.