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The Moving Mastery Podcast with Louis Massaro

Louis Massaro: Moving Business Trainer & Coach

The Moving Mastery Podcast with Louis Massaro
46 minOCT 6
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In this episode of the Moving CEO Scaling Series, Louis Massaro shares why you must systematize your lead generation before you begin to scale your moving company.

You’ll learn:

  • What percentage of your revenue should be allocated towards marketing
  • How to use your Marketing ROI report to test, track, and tweak all your lead sources
  • Why “bad” leads may not be the reason you’re not booking more moves 


Do you struggle with “bad leads”?

Do you know right away when the quality of your leads starts to “drop”?

Lead sources come and go. Sometimes they’re profitable, sometimes they’re not.

So it’s important to have a system in place to monitor those leads and ensure that your marketing dollars are being spent in all the right places.

In this episode, Louis shares how systematizing your lead generation and getting processes in place to monitor your marketing can make all the difference in your bottom line.

Basing your marketing on the ROI (Return on Investment) of each source, rather than the amount you spend to obtain those leads is key to understanding and controlling where your marketing budget is going to make the biggest impact in your business.

And being able to run those lead sources through your ROI report to see where things need to be tweaked can give you the confidence to spend more money on the sources that are working, and to stop wasting money on leads that don’t work.

All marketing boils down to the numbers. What’s the return for the money you spent? You’ve got to systematize your lead generation so that there’s no more guesswork.

You don’t have to be a “marketer”, you just need to understand the numbers. That’s it.

Listen to this episode now and go download the last few episodes too!


Updates: Moving CEO Business Program!!!

The Moving CEO Business Program now has 3 levels of membership! This is the program where Louis teaches you how he did E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Go to www.louismassaro.com/movingceo for details.

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Louis Massaro is the world’s leading moving business trainer and success coach. He’s the founder and CEO of Moving Mastery, a training, coaching, and education company dedicated to helping moving company owners, managers and employees reach higher levels of success in their business. Through his coaching programs, online training and live seminars he’s helped hundreds of people unlock their full potential by giving them the strategies and systems to take their moving business to the next level.

Louis opened his first moving company at 19 years old with two rental trucks and after overcoming many challenges and struggles, he went on to build a $20 million a year business. His company, Neighbors Moving & Storage had locations nationwide performing local moves, long-distance moves as well as storage. After 16 years of success in the moving business, Louis sold his companies and is dedicated to helping others “Profit in Their Business and Thrive in Their Life”.

Meet him at LouisMassaro.com