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The Navigating Disruption Podcast

Shakeel Bharmal

The Navigating Disruption Podcast
40 min2020 NOV 23
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My last one-on-one conversation with Anthony Ostler was in a little restaurant in London, Ontario in January 1999. We were discussing an article on corporate strategy written by the late Professor C.K. Prahalad. Anthony was leading the recruiting efforts for the firm I was interviewing for a summer internship. It felt like a make or break conversation for me so I was a little nervous. Anthony made it easier for me because he was genuine, caring and curious. I reconnected with him 21 years later and you get to hear the conversation. He is now a Senior VP and Head of Stakeholder Engagement and Marketing at State Street a global financial company that service the investment industry. Since high school Anthony has been dedicated to being the best mentor he could be.  In this conversation we get the inside track on the mind of a mentor.

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