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The Navigating Disruption Podcast

Shakeel Bharmal

The Navigating Disruption Podcast
33 min2020 SEP 29
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What do you get when you take a self declared introvert, combined with self confidence, an open mind and strong desire to develop others? You get one of the only female IT senior executives successfully leading one of the largest IT teams in corporate Canada. In this second episode of the "Days of Future Past" mini-series, I speak to Alison James, the SVP of Technology Operations at one of Canada's largest banks, CIBC. Alison graduated with me from the Ivey Business School 20 years ago. While I knew her, we just didn't seem to cross paths very much. That was my loss. Alison  is considered one of the Top 50 Women in Fintech in Canada and Chairs the Toronto chapter of Canadian Women in Technology. What is interesting is that Alison did not ever seek a career in technology. In this conversation I learn how this unlikely candidate climbed to one of top leadership roles in the mail dominated field of technology, by keeping an open mind, being inclusive and mentoring others.

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