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The Navigating Disruption Podcast

Shakeel Bharmal

The Navigating Disruption Podcast
37 min2020 OCT 6
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In late October 1998, I was walking from my apartment to business school in London Ontario. It was the first snowfall and my first extremely cold day in Ontario. I was prepared with warm clothing but one of my classmates, Neeraj Monga was not. He had just recently arrived from India. I ran into him on the way into the building. He was freezing cold in a sweatshirt as he walked to school that day. You would have never known it by his performance in class. He was on fire as usual. Neeraj was considered by many of us to be a genius. In 1991 as an undergraduate economics student in India, he had learned that management consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain and BCG only hired the most brilliant minds. Setting his sights on a successful career at one of these firms led him to the Ivey Business School. Based on his performance in class, I was pretty sure nothing would stop him from achieving that goal.

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